Weddings in Nantucket

When thoughts of the perfect wedding conjure up images of totally secluded, private sandy beaches, why would you go south when you could go east? Weddings in Nantucket are every bit as beautiful as those that take place in the Caribbean…they’re just more accessible.

When considering a wedding in Nantucket, it’s important to remember that you’re considering a wedding on an island that’s 30 miles out to sea.

With a tight network of local vendors and only 1000 hotel rooms on the entire island, it’s important to entrust your special day to a Nantucket wedding planner who knows about the details that must be taken into consideration. For example, that a permit is required for a beach wedding and that most vendors shut down right after Christmas for the rest of the winter.

When you’re planning a Nantucket wedding, you must start to plan far, far ahead of time because everything books up quite quickly. If you can swing it, though, the vivid blue of the sky, the emerald green shade of the grass and the fresh scent of the ocean on a breezy day make a Nantucket wedding something worth working for.

Whether you choose to exchange your vows at a quaint garden wedding with colorful lanterns or in a romantic old bed and breakfast, the venues on the island are all gorgeous and your options are limited only by your imagination with a Nantucket wedding.

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