Fall 2014 Wedding Ideas

Fall is upon us – and what a beautiful season to pick for your wedding. You can make the best of any season, but when it comes to fall, brides cannot go wrong. From luxurious color palettes to rich natural backdrops, fall is the perfect time to get married. Let FPW fill you in on what is trending for the autumn months in 2014.

FALL COLORSPantone-Autumn-2014-Colours

A great place to begin when considering how the upcoming season will affect your wedding plans is to think about color. Pantone distributed their color selections for this season and they add some romance to the typical auburn, beige, and burnt orange with additions of radiant orchid (their color of the year) and bright cobalt.


Radiant orchid is a shade of purple, which can be a popular choice for wedding colors. Purple does add some flexibility because it is a variation of stronger tones like red and pink. But, we love the crispness of bright cobalt. It adds a strong flare without appearing too effeminate. It can also be accented by metallics or other Earth tones that really make the color pop.


Fall offers the perfect opportunity to explore what is called the “woodland wedding”.  Think ethereal meets hipster meets glamour; that is a lot of different adjectives, but it hints at exactly why woodland weddings are so appealing… they are versatile.

One reason that a woodland wedding is a great theme is because you can use cost-efficient items like tree branches, pines, baby’s breath, lavender, wood stumps, etc. for decoration. Because the feel is supposed to be rustic, you can get creative with how to incorporate nature. Some brides even opt to wear a flower crown in place of a veil. Centerpieces are made easier with simple candles and wood blocks. There is even more freedom with bridesmaids dresses since over-coordination disrupts the theme.

Think woodland weddings look a little bland? Add some glamor. Sometimes the best weddings are ones that look to add contrast. For example, if the bride has a lace gown with embellishments, she can actually stand out more against a rustic backdrop than if the rest of the wedding is competing with additional sparkle and opulence.

Rose-colored wedding dress - I like everything about it except for the flowers on the top!!

woodland fairytale wedding  |  gideon photography

niiiice....everyone wearing light-coloured dresses, in lace or vintage-y feel, barefoot or with sandals, loose hair with some wildflowers... :-)


A great way to incorporate the crisp and decadent season of fall into your wedding is through creative cocktails. Since the dog days of summer are over, people look forward to the warming comfort of an apple spice martini or a seasonal sangria. It is smart to pick one signature cocktail for your bartenders to make. Here are some of our favorite simple fall recipes.

Hot Apple Pie

2 oz Tuaca

Hot Apple Cider

Whipped Cream

Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon Sparkler

1.5 oz Kahlua Cinnamon Spice

3 oz Sparkling Apple Cider

Lemon Squeeze

Spiced Pear Collins

1 ½ oz gin

1 ½ oz pear puree

¾ oz rosemary – and clove – infused simple syrup

¾ oz lemon juice


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Tips for Writing Your Own Vows

You know exactly how you feel in your heart; and sometimes the best part of loving your fiancé is that there are no words to describe how you feel. But, now it is time to write your vows. You have to stand up in front of the most important people in your lives to publicly express your sacred love. It is normal to be nervous. It is normal for this process to take time and to challenge you. But when you get it written down and the day of your wedding comes and you look over to see that even the piano man has tears in his eyes, there is no greater feeling. Consider these few tips to get you started.

Balance/ ToneWrite the best wedding vows with these tips.

In order to know what the tone of your speech should be, think about the nature of your relationship. Is it funny? Do you laugh a lot? Or, is it passionate and intense? Ideally there will be a balance of both elements, but your vows are likely to feel more authentic if you consider the strengths of your relationship.

Tell a Story

 If you don’t know where to begin, try to remember a story. You can talk about your first vacation together, the first time you met, or even a rough time that you got through together. There are some deeply personal moments that have already taken place between you and your fiancé. It is always touching to hear an old memory given new life.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

Let us repeat: do not wait until the last minute.  We totally get that you were a professional procrastinator in college; but let us warn you, the days leading up to your wedding will be chaotic. If you stall writing your vows, you are only fueling the stress fire.

wedding idea: make aisle runner with vows written on it....photo: This Modern Romance

Break it Down

Sitting down to write an epic combination of poetry, humor, and undying love is very daunting. So, break it into parts. Say to yourself, tonight I am only going to research quotes or right now I am only going to think of one joke. Alternatively, if you are on the bus and you think of a funny joke, type it into your iPhone. If you are in the shower and something really powerful someone once said to you comes to mind, write it down. Then, when it does come time to put it all together, you have pieces to work with instead of a blank canvas.

Talk to your Fiance

 Don’t tell each other what you are going to say, that defeats the purpose. But just have a real discussion about your past, your present, and your future. Remind each other what you are looking forward to about being married. Talk about what some pivotal points in your relationship were. From that conversation, you will be flush with ideas.



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Featured Vendor: Intricate Icings

When is the last time that you went to a wedding and gasped because the cake was gorgeous? If you have experienced this, you might have been looking at a cake from Intricate Icings. Located in Eerie, Colorado, Intricate Icings does not just produce cakes, they make works of art. This week, we are proud to highlight the bakery’s owner, Rachael, and find out just how she manages to put the wow factor back into baking.

Rachael has always had a knack for baking. But, like so many of us, she was pulled away from her passion to pursue a Intricate Icings aspen-bark June Cochranmore “mainstream” profession:

I graduated from college with a degree in physical therapy and knew instantly that I wouldn’t last long in the field. I took a few Wilton Cake Decorating classes at a local hobby store in my spare time to fill the creative void my day job left and I was hooked.

In 2006, she decided to open her own store with only thirteen weddings on the books. They say that word of mouth is the best advertisement, and Rachael’s cakes clearly spoke for themselves, because it was not long before she had a full-fledged business.

Much goes into her creations, starting with the first step of a consultation with the couple. Rachael sits down with the bride and groom-to-be to get a better understanding of what their expectations are. She asks couples to bring several forms of inspiration with them, such as Pinterest board pictures, pieces of fabric from the centerpieces, bridesmaids gowns, wedding dress, etc. so that she can best understand how the wedding is going to feel.

Rachael encourages couples to be unique when they come to their consultation. She is truly passionate about the  creative process in designing and implementing techniques to make the perfect design. She insists that:

 I want our clients to say “That’s our cake!” not “Oh, there’s our cake, but 40 other couples had that cake too”. I like to see what other cakes our clients like, but I do not want to duplicate the artistry.

She believes that the wedding cake should speak to the overall style of the event and incorporate truly special elements about the couple.

The entire process for creating a cake from start to finish can take on average 25-30 hours. There is so much more that goes into the cakes than just baking and frosting. Timing depends on how large or elaborate the design is, but all cakes are made from scratch. They are assembled and iced on day 2 leading up to the wedding, decorated on day 3, and then finishing touches are added at the site of the wedding on the final day.

Rachael is also a phenomenal consultant in terms of trends. Recently, she has noticed that couples are moving away from having multiple cakes and coming back to the tradition of having one large cake. She sees a lot of vintage themes with texture, ruffles, and giant flowers. But, rest assured, whatever your wedding cake desires might be, Rachael will make your dreams come true.



Appreciating your Maid of Honor

Being asked to participate in a wedding can either be a delightful or daunting task, particularly for the Maid of Honor (MOH). Her duties are lengthy, expensive, and usually exhausting.

She is the bride’s right-hand-woman and with her coveted position often comes Bridezilla-dom. Her responsibilities can put her emotions to the test, leaving her relieved instead of enthused when the wedding day finally comes. To avoid making your MOH feel like your pre-marital maid, follow these simple steps to leave her feeling cherished, not deflated.MOH

1. To start things off, host a luncheon where you Maid of Honor can have some bonding time with the other bridesmaids. She will be spending a lot of time with these other women, from planning events to spending time together on the big day, the bride can make her MOH’s job much easier by simply breaking the ice.

2. Provide her some direction. Sure, your MOH knows you better than most, but that doesn’t mean she wants to make each and every decision for you. If you have an idea for the theme of your bridal shower, let her know. She will appreciate the input and feel more fulfilled in planning something she knows beyond any reasonable doubt that you will love.

3. Be flexible. Constantly take into consideration the amount of pressure your MOH is under. If she has to change the location of the bachelorette party or trim the budget for the bridal shower, the best thing you can do for her is to be open to change. When you have a MOH, you are giving her the right to make decisions; that means you (gasp!) give up the rights to make every decision yourself. Let her do her job and fulfill her duties! You entrusted her with these responsibilities for a reason, now sit back and let her contribute.

4. Say “Thank you”. This sounds like a given, but it is pretty easy to get wrapped up in the chaos and overlook the importance of these two simple words. Your MOH is making a lot of sacrifices for you with the ultimate goal of making you happy. Telling her, “thank you for planning this bachelorette party, it’s going to be a blast” or “thank you for coming dress shopping with me today. I know you had a lot going on and it meant a lot that you were here” will make her day by just acknowledging that she is appreciated.


Photo Credit: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/3c/3c/3e/3c3c3e8064e8642fcd3d5fe8b029e9b5.jpg

Local Photographer: Studio JK

Studio JK boasts “personality, professionalism, and passion” on their website. When we sat down with them at their gorgeous studio in the up and coming district of River North in downtown Denver, it was obvious that they could not have picked three better words to describe them.

When you walk into Studio JK, there is an overwhelming sense of personality and professionalism. The eclectic light fixtures and open layout make clients feel comfortable and confident. Joe and Joyce are a husband-wife team who have 15 years of experience in the industry between them. Their work has been featured in The Knot Colorado, Shutterbug, Professional Photographer, Destination I Do, and more.

Joe and Joyce should add one more “p” to their synopsis: personable. The pair truly operate their studio with the client in mind. There is a room that is set aside just for consultations and previews. After the weddings they shoot, instead of sending a disc with the photographs taken, Joe and Joyce have a large television where they sit with clients and go through each picture. This type of display allows for the couple to see their photos on a large scale, making the process of picking which ones to print much easier.

Another way that Joe and Joyce set themselves apart is by offering a coffee table style book that chronicles the wedding. The pages of the book are thick and made from quality materials, making for a timeless memento that could be passed down for generations. Studio JK’s work is so well-respected, that some couples have opted to fly the photographers to shoot their destination weddings in locations such as Santorini and Turkey.

Joe and Joyce’s photography is colorful, structured, and strikingly beautiful. They are able to capture not just the images from a wedding, but the emotion behind it. Couples who are seeking a personalized experience and pictures to be treasured for generations, will be satisfied in choosing Studio JK.


Local Photographer: Sara Hasstedt

Sara Hasstedt’s most valuable tool is not her camera – it is her vibrant personality. She has truly honed in on the innate femininity that weddings embody. On her website she notes, “I believe love should be like a sparkling moscato. Bubbly, playful and sweet”; one of many personal perspectives she shares. With a voice like Sara’s, we decided to let her speak for herself in this week’s local photographer highlight.


Sara11. Your website is very vocal about your passion for femininity. How can grooms relate to your style?

I’m glad to know that it is obvious that brides are my focus! I have found that, if I connect really well with my bride, I will inevitably connect really well with her groom as well. It puts a groom at ease in front of the camera to see the woman he loves living up to her full potential of personality and beauty, which she is able to do when she feels confident and relaxed in front of my camera.


2. What draws you to photography?

I have a need to find beauty and create beauty and am beyond thankful that I’ve found a career that not only is my full-source of income, but feeds my soul at the same time. I have always been an artist in some form or another since I was small. I have been a writer, painter, dancer, singer, actress, and photographer. I love each avenue of the arts but photography feels the most “me”. However, I can still be found singing in the occasional karaoke contest on margarita night and having solo dance parties while shopping at Banana Republic and Anthro.


3. You take engagement pictures as well. Do you have any advice for couples preparing for their engagement sessions? (attire, makeup, poses, etc.)

-Attire: I prefer when couples focus on having one really great outfit rather than several different options. It allows us more time to focus on the connection between the couple rather than being concerned with outfit changes. If a bride has an opportunity to hire a stylist to help choose the outfit, this is a mega bonus as stylists can be so helpful when finding flattering outfits and ones that pair well together in a photograph. For grooms, I always suggest nice slacks or a nice pair of jeans with leather shoes, a slim-fit button down shirt, a casual dinner jacket and a tie or bow-tie is optional.

-Makeup: Hire a professional! It is a great time to do your wedding day makeup mock-up and test it out on camera! Eyelash extensions look amazing on camera and I am a huge sucker for a bold pink/red lip as it photographs beautifully on film.

-Poses: Focus on just relaxing and being affectionate in front of the camera-the photographer will figure out the flattering angles and make changes and give direction as necessary.

-And last but not least, a modest glass of champagne beforehand never hurts anyone.

Sara Hasstedt: Photographer

4. What is the biggest challenge you face as a wedding photographer?

The weather! Weddings (obviously) can’t be rescheduled due to weather like portrait sessions can be. I truly believe that after doing several seasons of weddings here in CO, I can photograph weddings anywhere because we have some of the most unpredictable weather, even in the summertime. Not only do afternoon rainstorms regularly roll in during the summer months in the mountains, but our fall was filled with flash floods and we have to navigate tornado threats in the spring. As a photographer, this means I have to be able to think quickly on my feet and be flexible with my plans depending on what the weather may be doing. I know how to work with all different types of lighting situations and on a wedding day I always have a Plan B and a Plan C running through the back of my mind in case my Plan A is diverted because of weather or other factors. Sara Hasstedt: Photographer