Weddings in Cape Cod and the Islands

If your sights are set on a beach wedding, in Cape Cod and the Islands you’ll find settings that are spectacular to look at and much more accessible than a southern, tropical destination.

Whether you’re thinking of a huge extravagant affair or an elegant, intimate gathering, a Cape Cod wedding always ends up looking like something out of a magazine.

An easy drive from anywhere in the northeast, your guests will love to bide their time deep sea fishing and whale watching, enjoying some of the region’s walking and biking trails, playing golf or visiting museums to soak up some of the area’s history and culture.

The best part about a Cape Cod wedding, though, may just be the feel of cool sand beneath your feet while you’re in your wedding gown standing face to face with the man of your dreams.

VIP Full Service Cape Cod Wedding Planner Program

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